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Gaia Green


Greenstar Plant Products - In House


You know what can be really exciting? Taking on a new brand and having the opportunity to refresh all of the packaging. Gaia Green is a well known brand in the hydro and gardening market so we wanted to get this one just right. We kept the essence of the brand, really embraced the green accent and made sure each product stood out on its own.

For several years, I worked for Greenstar Plant Products . I ran the Marketing and Design team and was responsible for all of our in house brands, and for a couple years before we became a brand-focused company, all of our distribution marketing as well. My largest goal and accomplishment was to elevate every brand we had. We covered everything in-house: labels, print design and marketing materials, videos, event planning and design, tradeshow design, websites, swag, advertising, digital content, social media, you name it, we got it done. I had a talented team working with me and I loved taking on that leadership role. It was a place I thrived for a long time and I learned a lot about what a company needs to succeed and how to roll with the punches.


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